Wedding List Brixton Pottery

Leah & James


Below is the wedding list for Leah and James. The wedding date is set for June 2017.


When items are purchased we will move them from the left hand column to the right hand column. Therefore, all items on the left are still to be bought.


Please put in the comments that this is for Leah and James' wedding, and if you would like the items sent to yourself, or directly to Leah and James.

If they are being sent directly to Leah and James and you would like to include a message, please also include that here.


If you have any queries, or would prefer to place your order over the telephone please call 01544 260577.



Items in the left hand column are available

Items in the right hand column have been purchased




Already Purchased


1x Large Mug Cows

1x Large Mug Cows

1x Large Mug Creeping Briar

1x Large Mug Creeping Briar

1x Large Mug Ducks

1x Large Mug Ducks

1x Large Mug Scattered Rose

1x Large Mug Scattered Rose

1x Large Mug Poppy Tibetan

1x Large Mug Poppy Tibetan


1x 350ml Jug Cows


1x Standard Pie Dish Creeping Briar

1x Standard Pie Dish Scattered Rose


2x Cereal Bowl Cows

2x Cereal Bowl Creeping Briar

2x Cereal Bowl Ducks

2x Cereal Bowl Scattered Rose


2x Small Bowl Cows

2x Small Bowl Creeping Briar

2x Small Bowl Ducks

2x Small Bowl Scattered Rose


1x Butter Dish Cows

1x Serving Dish Cows


3x Side Plate Cows

3x Side Plate Creeping Briar

2x Side Plate Ducks

2x Side Plate Scattered Rose



3x Dessert Plate Cows

3x Dessert Plate Creeping Briar

2x Dessert Plate Ducks

2x Dessert Plate Scattered Rose


3x cows OUT OF STOCK email to order when back in stock

3x Dinner Plate Creeping Briar

2x Dinner Plate Ducks

2x Dinner Plate Scattered Rose


1x Egg Cup Cows

1x Egg Cup Ducks

1x Egg Cup Creeping Briar

1x Egg Cup Scattered Rose